Hi, and thanks for stopping by . . .

I started developing this electric-style magnetic pickup in 2011-2012 because I needed a cheap pickup, and I wanted a pickup that could handle hardcore volume without feedback. It's the DIY story of a geeky experimental violinist. Creating the pickup has been a learning experience, and I hope other fiddlers and violinists can enjoy the results.

The pickup is not for everyone: It doesn't reproduce the sound of an acoustic violin any more than an electric guitar sounds like an acoustic. But it may be the perfect pickup for some. If you're helping me out by testing one of my pickups, I can't thank you enough for your honest opinion. If you came to this site for other reasons and a magnetic pickup appeals to you, please contact me.


*New recordings posted on the Listen and See page!*
Electric-Style pickups are . . .
guitar-style magnetic dual-coil pickups for violin/viola. They
Electric-Style pickups are not. . .
for most purists, because they If this pickup was a car, it would be a muscle car, not a Porsche.
Who might like an Electric-Style pickup?
. . . and anyone who's been on the road with your acoustic fiddle when you run into the opportunity to plug into an amp and jam--if only you had your electric!